Card of the Day – April 29th

Today’s card of the day features Roger Clemens. Clemens is our featured player today in remembrance of the rare feat he accomplished on this date in in 1986. As a member of the Boston Red Sox, he struck out 20 Seattle Mariners in route to only the 2nd 20 strikeout game in Major League history. The then 23-year old, was the first pitcher ever to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning game. He went on to finish the year with a 24-4 record, a 2.48 ERA and 238 strikeouts in route to his first Cy Young Award.

As of today, the feat has been accomplished a total of 5 times and Clemens is the only pitcher to have done it twice. His second 20-strikeout game came in September of 1996 against the Tigers in his third-to-last start with the Red Sox.

While The Rocket’s collectibility has taken a hit due to his involvement in the steroid scandal of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, he still has a pretty big following in the collecting community.

This 1985 Topps Rookie Card can be picked up for as little as $3 on COMC (in poor condition) or ungraded on eBay for about $5.

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