George Mikan: Mr. Basketball

The man known as Mr. Basketball was born on this day in 1924. George Mikan, who was considered one of the first superstars in basketball, helped redefine the way the game was played and helped usher in the era of the big man.

Mikan used his size, 6’10” and 245 lbs, to become a standout on defense. He was know for his superb rebounding and shot blocking skills. He also used this size to lead the league in scoring three times during his 7-year career in the NBA.

Mikan did not have many cards issued during his playing career. Most of his cards were Food Issue. His 1948 Bowman Rookie card is highly valued and will cost you at least $1,500. George Mikan authenticated autographs can be picked up starting in the $60 range.

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