Throwback Thursday: 1993-94 Topps Stadium Club Series 2

Topps Stadium Club has always been know for its high quality images and this set does not disappoint. This set features some great action shots and the quality of the photography really makes the set. Throw in two notable rookies and you have a fun set to put together.

The 1993-94 Topps Stadium Club (TSC) set is comprised of two 180-card series. Part of the Series 2 set includes the Frequent Flyers subset dedicated to some of the best dunkers in the league and a New Wave Subset featured some of the best young talent.

The rookies (in the form of ’93 Draft Picks) are highlighted by Chris Weber and Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. Other notable college stars and accomplished NBA players to have rookies in the series include Allen Houston, Byron Russell, Bobby Hurley, Jamal Mashburn, Isiah Rider, Nick Van Exel, Vin Baker and Toni Kukoc. The set also features the rookie cards of two of the tallest players in NBA History, Gheorghe Muresan (7’7″) and Shawn Bradley (7’6″).

We picked up a pair of packs from our local card shop to open. Here’s what we found.

Pack 1:

Shaquille O’Neal Frequent Flyers, Scott Burrell 93 Draft Pick, Isiah Rider 93 Draft Pick, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Eric Leckner x 2, Kevin Willis, Stacy Augmon, Sean Elliott, Harvey Grant, Pete Myers, Draft Pick Info Card.

Pack 2:

Chris Weber New Wave, Patrick Ewing Frequent Flyers, Dan Majerle Frequent Flyers, Allen Houston 93 Draft Pick, Scott Burrell 93 Draft Pick, Dale Ellis, Terry Porter, AC Green, Dale Davis, Billy Owens, Antonio Harvey, NBA Showdown Info Card.


This is a really fun set to look back on. The Frequent Flyers cards are great, and pulling the Shaq was a nice surprise. It was also really cool to pull the Chris Weber New Wave, even though it is not considered his rookie card in the set.

You can pick up a 24-pack box for as low as $65 on eBay. A pack from a reputable seller will run you about $6-8 each right now. As with most breaks of the early-1990’s you are probably better off buying the singles of the cards you want, but a box of this Series would be a fun and cheap (relative to new releases) break.

We love opening older cards and getting the flood of memories rushing back to us. We hope you enjoy it too! Leave us a comment on the blog or on our Facebook post and let us know if you like these too!

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