Unboxed: TotalSports Enterprises Pittsburgh Signed Mini-Helmet Mystery Box

Well, this unboxing started off with a little trepidation. As you can see in the post picture, the box got crunched on the way to us the USPS. Luckily the contents were packed really well and there was no damage to the helmet or the packaging.

We decided to do another memorabilia break to add some diversity and give everyone an idea of what products are out there. This time we tried our luck with a Mystery Mini-helmet box from TotalSports Enterprises. TSE is well known for their Pittsburgh centric signings and we’ve always had great experiences when purchasing from them.

Much like our unboxing of a 2021 Hit Parade Mini-helmet last weekend, we rolled the dice with a Mystery Mini-Helmet Box from TSE. The price-point of $59.99 for the box (compared to $145.95 for the Hit Parade box) made this a no-brainer. The one downfall is that if you are not a Steeler fan or just an autograph collector looking for a fun way to add a new signed mini-helmet to your collection, this may not be for you.

Here’s what we found in our box!

Even though I’m not a fan of the Steelers, I’ve enjoyed watching Ike Taylor play the game and contribute as an analyst on the NFL Network. He’s signed this helmet with a bold, white paint-pen and it comes with a Beckett authentication sticker and card.

A really cool bonus aspect to this helmet is that it contains the custom numbering to include Taylor’s 24. Take a look at the front of the helmet below.

As for value, while they don’t currently have this same helmet with the numbering for sale, you can pick up a signed mini-helmet on TSE for $57.60 (down from their regular $95.99 pricing). You can find his signed mini-helmets on eBay for right around $60.

Taylor is a player I probably would not have gone out and bought on my own, but seeing his distinctive autograph and signature number 24 on the helmet made me happy. For the price, relative to other mini-helmet products, I really enjoyed opening this product.

Overall Grade: B

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