Phil Jackson: The Zen Master

The final two episodes of The Last Dance drop tonight. The 10-part series has been a bright spot in the sports world and has set the basketball card market on fire. While Michael Jordan is the undisputed star of the document and the biggest beneficiary in the increased value of his collectibles, many other stars of the 90’s Bulls teams have seen interest climb.

As the man in charge of the on-court play, Phil Jackson is seeing a renewed interest in his cards, especially his rookie card, and his autograph. The Zen Master has been amazing during his interviews for The Last Dance and has provided some real insight into those iconic teams.

While he is most fondly remembered as a coach, Jackson had a solid 12-year career as a player. During his rookie year in 1967-68 he made the leagues All-Rookie First team. His best statistical season was the 1974-75 where he average 10.8 points and 7.7 rebounds per game.

His 1972-73 Topps rookie cards have double for higher end copies and tripled for lower grade rookies. You can find a raw, lower grade copy for about $15. The cheapest autograph you can find for Jackson are cuts in the $60 range.

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