The Next Last Dance? How About Mark McGwire and the Long Gone Summer!

Now that The Last Dance is over, collectors are looking to find the next big thing that will send card prices soaring. The documentary chronicling the home run record chase in 1998 will be titled Long Gone Summer.

The documentary will only be a one episode special airing June 14th at 9:00pm. We can expect an increase in the prices realized for cards of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. We’ve already seen an big spike and once the show airs we can expect another bump as collectors list their cards.

One card already climbing in price is the 1985 Topps Mark McGwire rookie. At one point this card was a $150-250 card. After the steroid issues faced by baseball and particularly McGwire, the card bottomed our. Nice copies could be found for under $20, with raw lower quality copies under $10. The high grade version of this card are rocketing up in price, PSA 10 versions of the card are routinely selling for over $3,000. The lowest you’ll find any version of this card on eBay now is $20.

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