TTM – Bob Shirley

Former Major Leaguer Bob Shirley signed and returned his 1984 Topps Card in 17 days.

Unboxed: Topps 206 Series 2 Box

Here’s a look at what we pulled from our two boxes of Topps 206 Series 2. The 2020 reboot features all the characteristics of the 1909 original set.

TTM – Rick Cerone

Former Major Leaguer Rick Cerone signed and returned his 1986 Topps Card in just 9 days.

TTM – Marty Keough

Former Major League Outfielder Marty Keough signed and returned his 1963 Topps Card in just 14 days. The defensive specialist spent 11 years in the big leagues.

TTM – Garrett Whitlock

Garrett Whitlock signed one card through the mail. The New York Yankees made him their 18th Round Pick in the 2017 Draft.