Retail Therapy: 2019 Parkside BIG3 Basketball Multipack

One of the things we hope to do is give collectors a look at the items that they may have seen, but don’t really know about. This multipack definitely falls into that category. We went out looking for Panini Mosaic or 2020 Bowman Baseball at our local Target. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find them and didn’t want to leave empty handed.

The multipack was $5.99 at Target so it won’t hurt your wallet too much. There is a chance to pull an autograph and most of the names in the set are well know to NBA fans.

Pack 1:

Enemies Sticker Card, Alan Anderson True Insert Set, Nancy Lieberman, Josh Smith, Perry Jones III, Alex Scales, James White, Craig Smith.

Pack 2:

Bivouac Sticker, Nickname Insert Nate Robinson “Boots”, Kenyon Martin, Favorite Photos Card #94, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Rick Mahorn, Marcus Williams, Josh Childress,

Grade: D

While we said most names in this set are familiar to NBA fans, we didn’t actually get many of the bigger name players. Each pack contained an insert and we probably could get out money back if we listed on eBay or Comc it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. We’ll probably use the majority of these cards for TTM (Through The Mail Autographing). I definitely wouldn’t purchase another multipack but it was something different to try.

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