Market Alert: Zion Williamson National Treasure RPA 29/99

2019-20 Panini National Treasure has hit the market and the first major sale of a Zion Williamson is in. This specific Rookie Patch Autograph numbered 29 of 99, sold for $99,800. Breaker Houdini from Cheap Fun Breaks on Blowout Cards has sold another copy of the card for $75,000 via a private sale.

The prices for this year’s draft class have been impressive throughout the year, and the super premium National Treasure has seen soon the sale prices hit a new level. A Ja Morant RPA #’d 85/99 is currently at over $24,000 with a day left in bidding. The prices on boxes are over $4,000 right now.

Can these prices last? Or are we heading towards a bubble in the card market?

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