Talladega Racing: Ryan Blaney

Bubba Wallace was the undisputed winner of the weekend in Talladega for his amazing attitude and the way he handled a very tough situation. However, the big winner on the track was Ryan Blaney. Blaney won a very close race at the wire. Blaney who had led the most laps during the race, had a strong finish after the race restarted after a caution with 6 laps left.

Nascar cards have really taken off after Panini began producing sets in 2016. While the popularity is growing, there are still lots of value plays in the sport. Blaney is one of these values. Blaney is featured on a ton of cardboard with his oldest card dating back to a 2012 Press Pass Fan Young Guns Autograph. He also has around 4,000 items listed on eBay. His authentic autographs can be picked up starting around $10.

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