Unpacked: National Baseball Card Day Pack

National Baseball Card Day 2020 is in the books! We went on a few adventures searching for the elusive 2020 Topps Chrome Blaster Boxes that contained the special packs, but came up empty. We visited four Target and Walmart and all of them had empty shelves.

Our travels were not in vain, as we discovered a new hobby shop in our area through Topps’ list of participating locations. The shop had great prices, a good selection of both current and vintage boxes and had most options available for a by the pack option too!

We were able to get our free pack of Topps cards and made the qualifying purchase to earn the bonus Pete Alonso card. We’ll definitely be making another visit next week to get the Yordan Alvarez bonus card!

The free pack of cards comes with 5 cards and 1 National Baseball Card Day info card. We’ve seen pictures on social media that confirm there are also autographs randomly inserted into the packs.

Here’s what we got in our free pack:

Corey Kluber, Yadier Molina and Blake Snell.
Buster Posey, Info Card, Yusei Kikuchi

These cards are really cool. They look great and have a super clean design. We would love it if they used this design for a new product. This celebration of the hobby we all love is such a welcome thing, it was nice to see other collectors supporting the hobby and getting together (while still following social distancing protocols) and talk about the going-ons of the hobby.

If you scored any packs, we’d love to hear what you pulled! Leave a comment on this blog or the Facebook post!

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