Show Off Sunday: Autographed 1988 Fournier Estrellas Charles Barkley

Sunday’s are the perfect time to go through your collection and really appreciate some of the cool collectibles you’ve acquired. With that in mind, we want to start our own version of Show Off Sunday.

Each Sunday we’ll feature one cool card or fun piece from our collection and share it here on the site and our Facebook page. These won’t necessarily be the most valuable cards or memorabilia or feature the most popular names in the hobby, but they will be something we like and want to share with our readers. We encourage you to share your favorites as well on our Facebook post!

This week’s piece is a 1988 Fournier Estrellas Charles Barkley Autographed card. The card features a nice early career  photo of Charles Barkley and his stats on the front. The back of the card is the NBA logo.

The card also features a really nice signature from Charles Barkley.  You can see a blown-up image of the signature below. 

We hope your enjoyed our first Showoff Sunday! Don’t forget to find the post on our Facebook Page and share one of your favorites! 

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