Memorabilia Monday: Tristar Hidden Treasure Signed Baseballs

Memorabilia Monday is our look at finding some alternative ways to add something special to your collection. Today we show you a great way to add one of most popular collectibles of all time, autographed baseballs. Nothing beats getting a baseball signed in person, but this year we’ve had to look for alternative ways to add to our collection and we’ve found a really cool and fun way to do that!

Tristar has taken advantage of the desire to collect signed baseballs and combined it with the fun of opening packs of baseball cards and created their Tristar Hidden Treasures series of signed baseballs. This product features a signed mystery baseball in each box. Some of the series (there have been 10 so far) are themed for specific teams and some are super high-end (like their Platinum Collection). Each series also has a massive chase ball (Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson, etc.) that helps drive sales.

We purchased one a box of Hidden Treasures Series 10 and we pulled the Wilbur Wood ball pictured to the left. Wood was a great pitcher in the 1960s and 70s. He spent 17 years in the big leagues and was a 4-time 20 game winner. He also was named to 3 All-Star teams.

Below is an image of the information card they include in each box.

If you want to try your hand at one of the Tristar Hidden Treasure boxes you can find them on eBay. Depending on the series you can find them as low as $45.

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