Throwback Thursday: 1990 Leaf Baseball

This week we throwback to another early 1990’s baseball set. At its release, 1990 Leaf was seen as another step forward in baseball cards. Starting with 1989 Upper Deck, the quality of baseball cards took a huge step forward. The photography and classic, simple design make this Leaf issue a favorite amongst Junk Era collectors.

The 1990 Leaf set brought the company to a prominent spot in the hobby. The rookie cards of Frank Thomas and Sammy Sosa were huge sellers in the 90’s and Larry Walker’s recent selection adds a second Hall of Fame player (along with the Frank Thomas) to the class. Add to that rookies of Carlos Baerga,┬áDave Justice and John Olerud there are some fun quintessential 90’s players to find in this set.

Here’s what we got in our two packs:

Pack 1:

Deion Sanders, Checklist – Will Clark, Bernard Gilkey RC, Mark Whiten RC, Edgar Diaz RC, Bob Milacki, Charlie Hough, John Burkett, Gene Harris, Rick Honeycutt, Joey Cora, Al Newman, Wally Backman, Steve Lake, Mike Macfarlane, Puzzle Piece 58-60.

Pack 2:

Bob Tewksbury, Chris Gwynn, Ron Kittle, Roy Smith, Jeff Robinson (Tigers), Jeff Robinson (Yankeees), Mike Dunne, Neal Heston, Greg Brock, Carmelo Martinez, Gerald Perry, Mackey Sasser, Drew Hall, Rudy Seanez, Mark Portugal, Puzzle Piece 13-15.


This was our worst Throwback Thursday “break” to date. We got zero monetary value from the cards. However, TBT is more about the fun of opening cards from our childhood. Surprisingly, this is one set that I had never opened before, so I was really excited to try my luck. The classic design and fun group of players that I grew up watching made it an interesting opening.

You can pick up a 36-pack box for as low as $120 on eBay. A pack from a reputable seller will run you about $5-7 each right now. Unless you’re just looking for a fun nostalgic break, I’d recommend picking up the singles you want, as even the Frank Thomas Rookie can be had as low as $20 in a near mint condition.

We love opening older cards and getting the flood of memories rushing back to us. We hope you enjoy it too! Leave us a comment on the blog or on our Facebook post and let us know if you like these too!

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