Topps Project 2020

Topps has really hit a home run with their Project 2020 cards. Twenty artists are each re-creating twenty iconic cards and collectors are all in. Two cards are put up each day and are on sale for 48 hours. The cards are sold and printed to order, meaning anyone who wants to purchase the card can buy it at the $19.99 price (or cheaper in bulk or package deals).

After low print runs to start the set off, we’ve seen some of the more recent cards hit print runs over 30,000. This has caused the demand to spike for the lower print run cards. Most of the cards are actually selling for over $100 right now, including the card with the highest print run (Mike Trout by Ben Baller).

The Mike Trout by Ermsy (pictured in this post) is currently selling for over $2,000. See older Project 2020 cards and the prices they bringing in. The new cards can be purchased on

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