Topps Project 2020 Update

Project 2020 was the talk of the hobby a few months ago. Within a week of their on-sale date, cards were routinely selling for 10x the amount they could be purchased for directly from Topps. The print runs were creeping into the 20,000 range per card and the bandwagon was filling up quickly with new collectors joining everyday.

But then came the Keith Shore Ken Griffey Jr. card.

The Keith Shore re-interpretation of the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps card sold an incredible 99,177 copies and the bubble burst. You can now pick up the Shore Griffey card for as low as $2 per copy in lots. This has also had an impact on other a lot of the cards which are now selling for under the $19.99 single card price that Topps charges.

The print have continued to dwindle as the set marches on. Topps had two cards last week have Print Runs under 3,000 cards. We are only slightly more than halfway through the set (the last card available for sale was card 214 of the 400 card set) and collecting fatigue has set in. Will collectors continue to see the print runs fall as the set rolls on?

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