Unboxed: 2020 Topps Montgomery Set 4

This weekend we received the fourth members only set from the Topps Montgomery Club. We’ll give everyone a refresher on what Topps Montgomery club is and show you what we got!

Once a year, Topps opens up the membership of its 582 Montgomery Club to new members. Last year, membership opened in November and the membership cost $249.99. Throughout the year they send members special sets and give them some access to special presales. This year members had early access 2019 Bowman Draft Sapphire and 2019 Bowman Heritage. Just last week members had a presale for the highly coveted 2020 Bowman Sapphire!

This fourth set in the series is a 20 card set. Unlike the last set, there was no random autograph and it was just a base set. The design honored the 1961 Topps Dice game and all cards are in black and white. There is a very minimalistic feel to these cards including the card backs.

Here is a look at the set and a more detail look at one of the cards.

Group shot of all 20 cards in the set.
A more detail look at the Derek Jeter Card.
A look at the card backs in the set.

This has been the least interesting set of cards that we’ve received. Even if an autograph had been included, the plain black and white design and overall uninteresting photos just makes this a dud. Being a member of the club has been well worth it this year and we will definitely be signing up again for next year (as long as the continue the club).

Full Checklist:

1. Aaron Judge – Yankees
2. Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers
3. Bryce Harper – Phillies
4. Nolan Ryan – Rangers
5. Jesus Luzardo – Athletics RC
6. Miguel Cabrera – Tigers
7. Kris Bryant – Cubs
8. Mark McGwire – Cardinals
9. Nick Solak – Rangers RC
10. Manny Machado – Padres
11. Johnny Bench – Reds
12. Zac Gallen – Diamondbacks RC
13. Joe Mauer – Twins
14. Rafael Devers – Red Sox
15. Albert Pujols – Angels
16. Edgar Martinez – Mariners
17. Jose Altuve – Astros
18. George Brett – Royals
19. Anthony Kay – Blue Jays RC
20. Derek Jeter – Yankees

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